Redefining Personal Health


Redefining Personal Health

Redefining Personal Health is all about you, because when you feel good, it shows. Life is just better. Get help defining your idea of good health, then get a personalized plan of how to get there designed around your needs . Discover real freedom.


Set Yourself Free

A healthy lifestyle is about freedom, not restriction. It’s about coming together with good people over good food. It's making the decision to respect yourself and live life to its fullest.


Like Ripples on the Water

Studies prove that one small change, such as an anti-inflammatory diet, can lead to big results such as lower cholesterol, stable blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and better overall health and happiness.

Your Total Health Experience is committed to giving you the personal one-on-one coaching and guidance you deserve.

Good health is a legacy that we leave for our children and future generations. Be there for them and help them to be there for you.

Proper nutrition and stress management provide the bridge to connect you with attainable goals, no matter where you are coming from. Whatever you need, meal plans, recipes, guidelines, etc. nothing is too big or too small.

Together we will unlock the mystery of what’s holding you back from the quality of life you want. Your unique DNA and lifestyle holds the key to making all the pieces of great health fit together beautifully.

I promise that we are in this together. You are not the only one who is frustrated or put off by fad diets and unpleasant workout plans. Come discover what it looks like when you are the focus with a personalized guide to eating food you like, fun activities, and a brighter outlook on life. My main goal is to see you succeed, whatever that looks like. Flexible times and sessions are available.

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